v. The act of riding a motorcycle, as a man, with another man on the passenger seat behind you: "doubledicking" or "riding doubledicker" Generally regarded as gay and inexcusable among hardcore riders.

n. A dude who rides with another dude on the back of his motorcycle.
v. Oh, here comes Adam, riding doubledicker with Steve... nasty. Couldn't they have just taken the car?

n. Dave is a real doubledicker. He'll give his buddies rides before he gives girls rides.
by fickdace October 13, 2009
Top Definition
situation in which one is brought to a state of happiness or excitement such that one wishes he had two penises so that he could jerk off both of them.
Rob: "Dude, I just won the gold medal in seven events this Olympics, plus, I won the lottery yesterday and seem to have developed superhuman powers."
Ricky: "Holy shit. That's a double dicker."
by Rob February 15, 2003
I double dicker is an individual who poseses two dicks. This happens very rarely and is often documented in porno.
Wow I grew another penis last night!

Hey that makes you a double dicker.
by Lil' Shaq April 05, 2004
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