An espionage agent who guises as working for one authority but is actually uses his/her given information to report back ot another authority, or possibly using it for personal gain.
The Kremlin had greater success with double-agents than the white house.
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 29, 2004
Top Definition
a person that you think is a good friend,but then turns out to be anything but cool. Usually reserved for longtime friends gone bad.
After out trip to Siam, that fool turned out to be a total double agent; he tried to start macking on my girl.
by nolipz October 22, 2003
Someone who is friends with 2 people/sides that don't like each other. And will share gossip from each side with the other.
I thought April was my friend but she told Erika I called her a cow. I think she's playing double agent.
#backstabber #frienemy #doubleagent #two faced #sheisty
by plastic hawaiian April 16, 2009
This is the shit you thought was a fart, but when you decided to go for it, you let out a colossal shit that rattled the earth.
Fuck, I thought I had to fart, but it turns out I have met a double agent.
#shit #fart #shart #colossal #critikal
by DickMan69 September 11, 2013
a secret bisexual
I saw Mike kissing Lia yesterday, but today he's kissing Dylan, I think he's a double agent.
#bi #bisexual #swing both ways #play for both leagues #double player
by SwaggyM34 January 01, 2015
I swear he's a double agent...
by Karl Steiger January 31, 2004
Thinking you need to fart, but when you do, you release a giant shit that rattles the earth
Mark did the double agent, and had a bad case of mudbutt.
#shit cannon #shit #fart #mudbutt #shit spray #chocolate everywhere
by DatFag February 22, 2014
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