1)2 vs 2 in a sport game, e.g. tennis.
2)When the ball bounces twice in your square in handball.
3)When you roll two of the same number on a pair of 6-sided dice.
4)When a man has climaxed during masturbation but doesn't stop rubbing and eventually ejaculates again.
1)Teamwork is important in a doubles game of tennis.
2)That noob missed the ball and got out by doubles.
3)I got doubles in Monopoly, another turn for me.
4)Viagra is so potent that a man with erection problems can easily pull doubles after the correct dosage.
by skyboy September 01, 2005
Top Definition
1. to engage in a three way, with the third partner assumed

2. to double penetrate
1. hey do you wanna go double with me on shelly?

2. yeah and then he and i doubled her
by bri-bri November 21, 2006
A word used to describe/point out a nice ass of a female, without them knowing...Can be used at work, school, church...etc.
Hey look DOUBLES!!!

You see those nice DOUBLES over there....

Man her doubles are looking good today...
by Cole-Train December 31, 2009
1. The Beast from the East. An ultra aggressive neo-fascist with a penchant for destroying furniture and picture windows. The stereotypical suburban madman.

2. That porky guy.
Minority: Yo, man. What's with the Nazi tattoo?
Double S: Those are my initials, you Gay communist Jew.
by Spanky4679 November 28, 2005
If you are biking with somebody sitting on handle bars or on the back. Verb
"Hey grant, could you double me down to the variety store"
"Yeah hop on"
by Quarterback16 July 24, 2009
Super Sexy
Look, there goes Double S walking down the street - holla!
by Long Play December 03, 2003
a person who's name begins with an s and slut.
Guy 1- did u hear Sally slept with him?
Guy 2- i know, she's a double s
by hard a.... November 10, 2011
shit and shower
"Yo I'll be back, gotta double s."
"What the hell is double s?"
"Shit and shower"
by keebsthemiddie January 19, 2009
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