when two super absorbent tampons are needed to stop the flow
I thought that it was left over spaghetti in my roommate's bathroom but it turns out that it was just the remains of a double stuff, the result of her wide-set vagina
by mothersuperior August 19, 2009
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Double simultaneous vaginal penetration by two males on one female. A variation is the Black and White Cookie where one male is black, the other white and the female of any race.
Yo, me and Ice cruised the local bar the other night and picked up a honey. We went back to my place and gave her a Double Stuff, Black and White Cookie.
Now the bitch walks funny and has a speech impediment. Naw whut I'm sayin?
by Slim Shady July 03, 2005
When one girl is done both in the pussy, and in the mouth or butt.
That girl wants you and me to double stuff her.
by Patric January 15, 2005
Where two guys double stuff a chick with their dongs.
Hey Mike, remember when we double stuffed that one skirt?
by DongBoy February 04, 2009
The act of ejaculating in between two Oreo cookies and eating it, or forcing some one else to eat it.
Did you hear about that freshman that got double stuffed by the whole football team?
by 0987654321Q December 04, 2011
(verb) when a female is so aroused that she creams her panties twice. (ie. double the pleasure, double the cream) Similar to a double stuff oreo where there is double the cream filling.
When I watch High School Musical, Zac Efron makes me double stuff excessivly in my panties.

I brought an extra pair of panties just in case i double stuff.
by rm416 March 09, 2009
when a girl wears jeans that make you think *how does she get into those?*
damn look at that chicks jeans DOUBLE STUFF!!!
(i did this on a psp, SUCK IT MICROSFT!!!)
by kamma schulz July 10, 2008

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