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Similar to an ordinary blumpkin but in this case the girl A.C. Slater's the toilet and blows the guy as he upper decks the toilet.
Chad and his girlfriend had to shit at the same time, so to kill two birds with one stone she gave him a double blumpkin in her parents bathroom.
by D-Zell June 23, 2011
When you and your partner simultaneously shit on each other while 69’ing
The other night me and my girl were in the mood, so we decided to double blumpkin
by Space Dock April 01, 2010
When you and a friend achieve the amazing feat of reciving simultaneous blumpkins in a public bathroom.
Guess what happened to me and earl last weekend, we met up with some skanks and got a double blumpkin.
by the duke of all dukes September 26, 2008
While receiving a blumpkin, instead of using the toilet to release your shitty load, you use a female or male's mouth. While the other female or male covers the blowjob portion.
Erin and Aspen give a KILLER double blumpkin!
by Bigolfattiedoubleblumpkin January 02, 2009
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