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2 definitions by grandcorbeau

A term for the act of a stoner inhaling another smoke-exhale, often through a can or tube to make it less gay. They say a large percentage of thc is lost when smoking. This helps to get the most when you have little weed to be split between 2 people.
Man, I'm almost out of ganj. Guess well have to stoner 69. Alright, you suck and I blow!
by grandcorbeau September 11, 2010
Similar to stoner 69, but for one person. A hit is taken by a lonely stoner, who then exhales into a plastic bag, and then inhales from the bag, often multiple times in succession. This is a very efficient way to smoke marijuana because so much thc content is not absorbed by the lungs when smoking.
Shit, I only have two hits left. I guess I will have to go double bagging again.
by grandcorbeau September 11, 2010