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To be overly affectionate for, to love excessively.
"Sing, siren, for thyself, snd I shall dote." Billy Shakespeare
by I'm Nolan June 28, 2005
To love someone excessively,especially your children.
The whole family would constantly dote on the new baby.
by SomeoneNew August 22, 2012
A poison, can be countered with an antidote.
A dote is not pleasant, if swallowed, induce vomiting.
by Bender Bending Rodriguez September 11, 2005
A smoother flowing word for dope of all kinds. A bong rip, a joint, a chute, and even a roach are all considered dotes. Generally used incognito by scavengers looking for a high.
Yo, where's the dotes?
by TrueCaruso May 17, 2011
To agree on what someone has said. To feel the same way. "Me too"
Karen: I love taking long walks with you.
David: Dotes.
by sincerelyanon March 18, 2011
A title given to a special breed of modern fencing masters. Unlike past counterparts, they pride themselves in blending with ghetto lifestyle a la boheme. Most distinguishing characteristics of a Dote are his/her unquenchable thirst for knowledge in the matters of the sword, and innate desire for socialization. Dotes can typically be found engaged extensively in on-line activities when off-duty.
You won't win the Old Guard to your side if you insist on being such a Dote.
by Don Saltena April 05, 2006
The excess cum left in the rectum of a man after partaking in gay butt sex. Most girls named megan know of this.
Damn that bitch's got a dote face.
by Doteface31 April 25, 2010
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