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Someone who believes everything about the internet should be free.
"You think the government should fund a program to provide free high-speed internet access to everyone? What are you, a dot communist?"
by AbnormalBoy May 27, 2004
1. A person who devotes their life to sharing copyrighted intellectual property for free over the internet.

2. An insult aimed at a person who choses not to follow the internet's status quo.
1. Little Billy always dreamt of being a rapper. Since he couldn't afford to buy music with his allowance, and didn't agree with it in principle, he joined his friends and became a Dotcommunist.

2. "Dude, give me the link to your MySpace site!"
"Sorry, but I don't have one."
"What? Are you some kind of Dotcommunist?"
by J2ThaP October 26, 2006
Left wing sites, bloggers, dirty Web 2.0 hippies.
Q: You see the new blog on DailyKos?

A: No man, that shit's for dotcommunists!
by Sphinx532 October 03, 2008
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