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Setting high expectations yet leaving much to be desired. Full of self-proclaimed greatness that is never met. Overhyped, yet disappointing.
1. All the marketing makes this dossy beer seem great, but it's all watered down.

2. This dossy software is expensive, so I thought it would be good, but it crashes all the time.

3. He's the dossiest guy I know. He always makes promises to do great things and never gets anything done.
by CrazyNater June 10, 2008
lucky or cheeky. getting away with not doing something.
"Why haven't you written that report?"
"Sorry, it was because I had to help an old lady, and take her to hospital, where she later relied on me because she thought I was her grand kid."
"Oh OK, don't worry about it."
friend would say to him "God, you are so dossy."
by scottish lass February 23, 2008