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the crown jewel of the anticon label. probably one of the best MCs to ever grace a mic.
ian: what's a doseone?
eric: pure lushness.
by e*rex June 05, 2004
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with a deep insicion of the abstract this mc is redefining the borders of lyricisim. Although somtimes hard to take, when aproached with an open mind Dose is an astounding artist that stands alone.
by Anonymous September 26, 2003
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A member of anticon who has a very bizarre and weird voice. First time listeners will not enjoy any of his music, but with time he will most certainly grow on you.
the rapper
by Reid March 08, 2004
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US Rapper and poet, and by far the fittest bloke around... Just plain lushness.
I wouldn't mind a little doseone...
by babarjr February 13, 2004
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intensely sexy.
by Anonymous September 29, 2003
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American rapper, hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio but based in Oakland, California. A founding member of anticon, he raps for several projects including Themselves, cLOUDDEAD, Subtle, 13 & God and Deep Puddle Dynamics. Although he has an indisputably sick flow, his unusually high, nasal voice is an aquired taste. Furthermore, although his lyrics are highly intellectual and literate, they are not easy to comprehend.
Doseone is one of the illest emcees around! His shit's so dope! Better than Yoni Wolf's by far!
by HallOfMirrors June 06, 2009
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