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to let a person, place, or thing loose from ones grasp while giving the appearance of being accidental, when in fact it is done intentionally in order to accomplish a goal that is not readily evidenced.
Future: dorp
Past: darp
Law Enforcement: "Lets dorp this dimebag in the scumbag's trousers to sure up the conviciton"

Child Rearing: "I'll miss you too Johny, you know I hate to work out of town, now go dorp this lollypop in mommy's purse so you can bring me my balls for the week"

Sports: "Hey Avery, dorp your stick in front of Crosby and maybe he'll get hurt and we will have a chance"
by Johnson Petals April 27, 2008
A dorp is a South African expression similar to 'One horse town' - meaning a small town. "yawn and you could miss it"
This town is a one-horse dorp
by Dorp September 30, 2006
A fat lip
yo lets grab a tin and dorp
by balcolounge January 11, 2011
Part of speech: Noun
Pronunciation: "durp"
Definition: A person who uses the word "derp" in common speech to the point of annoyance.
Synonyms: idiot, fool, clown
Them: "... herp derp, derp a derp..."
You: "You, dorp."
by Malois February 08, 2012
Expression in which explains something that is uber, rad , dope, sweet, crazy, insane, wicked.

"Diego is so dorp."
"Damn, that's f***ing dorp!" exclaimed Austin.
by Austin|Diego February 21, 2007
A combination of doh and herp.

A variation of Derp (more exclamatory)
Man: I'm at Target, do you need anything?

Woman: I told you to stop by Whole Foods
Man: Dorp!

Woman: Don't you mean Derp?
Man: Well kind of...
by SherpaDerpa June 04, 2014
verb used to exclaim utter foolishness, awkwardness, unawareness, etc.
Someone- Hello

Me- Huh?

Someone- I am Yitzach Fimburg

Me- *dorps
by The Zebu March 09, 2004