A word of extreme randomness. Often used in practical jokes in texting, e-mailing and on telephone answer machines. The purpose is to make your friend think they have received a real message, only to find they have received the word; "Dorf!"
John: Oooh, I have a text from James.

Text; "DORF!"

John: What the hell?
by Mike100000000 April 14, 2011
a mode one can go into

a state of confusion/surprise/anger
i got raped by that math test, i am now in a state of dorf

last night was wild, ive been in dorf mode all day
by shawn_harris43 October 16, 2006
Derogatory term referring to a person like a dork but more stupid

May well wear baggy trousers and walk with a stoop, looking at the floor, whilst small children throw shit at them
No! That's my leg! - you dorf!
Eat shit Dorf - you don't know shit!
You think The Darkness are kool - you're so a dorf!
by M.Powers February 27, 2006
A person who attends a Waldorf school
Hey, look at the dorfs in their organic garden
by Friend of Dorfs November 16, 2009
B: Oh so mack
A: Yeah, pretty much
by ihfbidfbifbuv May 24, 2011
Adjective. A word used in humorous jest to describe someone who has said or done something that is crossed between dorkish and goofy.
Bob you dorf! Don't you know you can't open the window when you're in the car wash?
by ScottDin March 04, 2008
abbreviation of Waldorf, a city in southern maryland
also know as "the 'dorf"
hey, you headin back the 'dorf for spring break?
hells no, im goin to florida
by Blake a.k.a Wolverine March 15, 2005

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