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3 definitions by HanaKaicho

Verb. The act of dying suddenly and painfully early esp. in the single digit episodes of a standard length series (about 26 episodes).
Dude, my phone just Kamina'd. I swear it was totally charged, like, 5 minutes ago.
by HanaKaicho October 10, 2011
87 63
Acronym. Laughing my ass perpendicular. In this case, it means laughing so hard that one butt cheek ends up perpendicular to the other.
"Two men walk into a bar. The first man says, 'I'll have some H2O.' The second man says, 'I'll have some H2O too.' The second man died."
by HanaKaicho October 10, 2011
10 2
Noun. A perpetually agitated or disgruntled dwarf.
Dude, while I was playing Lord of the Rings Online, this stupid dorf sent me off on this stupid quest and grumbled when I came back with what he wanted.
by HanaKaicho October 10, 2011
9 9