Pooey-Crunchlits then attach to your ass/pubic hair. After taking a shit of course.
Claude has some mean Dopplegangers.

Greg can crunch his Dopplegangers with his fingers.
by Claude October 05, 2004
Top Definition
A person who looks so much like you that it's Eerie & Unbelieveable!!!!
I found my lookalike doppleganger on Twin Strangers~Amazing & they say Everyone has 7 dopplegangers!!
by Starchylde June 04, 2015
A misspelling of the German, "doppelganger", roughly translates as "evil twin". Can be used literally, as in example below.
"A man was falsely convicted of rape when his doppelganger went on a sexual crime spree. The mistaken identity led to his conviction."
by D.L. "Fox" Doucette September 21, 2003
Another person that is exactly like you, that isn't you.
Touching your doppleganger may cause the end of the universe
by Diego November 20, 2003
a ghostly image or replica of your living self
Kirstie is a doppleganger of vicki
by Annone April 02, 2008
A clone of someone sent to cause havok or destruction on a particular person or place.
"Nice try Dopplegangers! Go back to queen Doppleopolis!"
by Captain Murphy November 19, 2004
a ghostly image or replica of your living self
Kirstie is a doppleganger of vicki
by Annone April 02, 2008
A crafty look alike who aims to steal many houses with evanix air rifles, flaying and lye splashing of their dopplegangers and ghost them to get rich and very powerful. Usually will spy and have police attempt an assasination, for a scam. Very useful to organized crime, politicians and Hollywood, some have been used as real stunt doubles that actually die in movies like quinton Tarantino films.
OMG there's a doppleganger checked in to the room next to you he's trying to steal your house do something he's saying he's you he's wearing what your wearing get the plates and hire a PI for $50 to find out his name use those $20 GPS tracking devices you got from eBay and get the iPhone 5s out with the FLiR camera case so he can't flay us with his air rifle and bayonet.
by Spazatar May 19, 2015

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