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sellin shit so well, that you making the shit disappear like a magician
How you sell that so fast?

Dope Boy Magic
by g the realist March 21, 2007
A phrase used predominately in the South (its emergence being through Southern Rap) which was created for drug dealers/hustlers in the South. The phrase depicts the success of any hustler/dope boy/drug dealer because of the skills they have. Any kind of amazing success, brought about being a Dope Boy, can be referred to as: "Dope Boy Magic".
Jay: "How da fuck did you sell all dat bud in one hour?!?"

Joc: "I call it Dope Boy Magic..."
by Chino Dolla August 10, 2006
when you do anything better then the person you are facing in a game. when they look at you in amazment you say, "I call it dope boy magic"
scott duncked over josh in a streetball game, Scott said that he calls it dope boy magic, then did the chicken noodle soup dance as josh ran home
by tall October 05, 2006
when u throw "dope" at people and they think your magick
why is yung joc good at rapping its that dope boy magic
by willam brown June 08, 2006