a very influental and controversial rock band of the 60s and 70s jim morisson a true poet flushed his great life down the drain with drugs but i love the doors
well dont ya love her madly
by dannythemann September 12, 2003
Top Definition
It's a FUCKING DOOR! YOU USE IT EVERYDAY.........unless you live in Africa where they can't afford them.
Open the fucking wooden door you miserable excuse for an accident!
by fdgsfdssff July 31, 2006
What you lock to prevent people from knowing you're looking up porn
*Door clicks*


by buggy424 March 28, 2008
The DOORS have to be one of the greatest and most influencial bands of all time! Listeners of Nirvana must realise that they are listening to a mediocre version of The DOORS.
Guy1: Dude, whos the best fucking band of all time?
Guy2: The DOORS
Guy1: Damn Fucking Straight
by ;)Doors Fan 0069 October 28, 2003
A magic place of entrance, in which people can enter a place then remove the entry hole by closing it. It prevents drafts and people seeing you fuck. Also zombies can't open them.
"Phil, check out that sweet door, you can walk through it, go on walk through it you silly cunt"
by tbelphegor January 17, 2009
a device to walk trhough walls.
there is a door on the wall. you can use it to walk to the other side.
by icanwalkthroughwalls July 15, 2009
To hit or strike someone with a door, usually with agression or in self defense.
Man, i just doored the fuck out of that asshole.
by mr_goodnuts September 11, 2004
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