triple G - Girly Gayass Guy
Guy who acts like a girl, talks like a bitch, looks like a pussy
Man the fuck up and stop acting like a fucking door
by tripleG April 18, 2011
a door...hmm where do i start?
a door is something that you open or slide in order to get into a room or out of a room doors usually have knobs in which you twist to open the door
patty could you open the door?
by briget December 05, 2004
A great rock band from the late '60s and early '70s which featured the late Jim Morrison on lead vocals. The Doors had many great songs such as "Light My Fire", "Riders On The Storm", "LA Woman", and many others.
The Doors is one of the greatest bands of the 1960s.
by Anonymous July 16, 2003
n. hot girlfriend, usually with a spectacular booty. sexy as f*ck. A chick you want to go in and out of and bang on.
Dude that's one nice DOOR you got there.

girlfriend hot chick f*ck bang shawty
by kenya99608 October 05, 2011
orginiating from Alduous Huxley's mescaline trip, a book "Doors of Perception" was written based on a quote often attributed to William Blake: "If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, infinite."

The doors, are an integral part of the pyschadelic journey; or a transcendental breakthrough. To see through the door of this reality into another reality or dimension, is to acknowledge the "matrix", or illusory reality and know that truth exists beyond.
"Man those boomers opened up the doors, and I was seeing inter-dimensional beings!"
by Kat November 20, 2004
A shortened word describing a dirty whore.
You are such a door!
Close your legs you door!
by Notadoor November 14, 2013
Doors are wonderful magical things that give you privacy but also open up a whole world for you.
They are mostly made out of wood but I like the iron ones and I looove the ones made out of black oily sludge that all you know could be from the pits of hell.
Their uses in video games are awesome too and they can provide suspense and stuff like that.


When they are locked anything can be behind them!

They're so magical and amazing oh my fluffing god!
"Oh my god I want there to be a neko personification of doors so I could make it my wifeu"

"Doors are so awesome!"
by Mors The Cat August 18, 2013

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