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a door...hmm where do i start?
a door is something that you open or slide in order to get into a room or out of a room doors usually have knobs in which you twist to open the door
patty could you open the door?
by briget December 05, 2004
okay this scandel on jelly bracelets kinda breaks my heart....haha i know its cheezy but my grandma bought me a bunch of them and she probably knows about the secret meaning now and i dont want her to think i do that kinda stuff it really sucks.
me- grandma thanks for the bracelets
grandma- now girl dont chu go f*cking every cool hommie dat pass yo way dawg aight?
grandma- so u be kewl wit dat home dawg?
me- yes....
by briget December 05, 2004
Funny sweet best friend by briget
Did you see corren he has swag
#one #two #three #four #five
by Briget February 02, 2015
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