Pretty much the best game ever made since the Original Doom.
Doom 3 is one of the best games ever.
by Reuben August 31, 2004
One of the most popular games of all time.
Doom 3 is one of the best games of all time.
by Chesley June 22, 2005
the scaryest game for any one, recomended to people who enjoy fat craps every time you see a zombie.
... drrroooonnneeee... "eek" drrrooooonnneeeee .... "!!" (zombie pops out of the toilet u just shit urself in.
by funnihappypersonthingyguy April 19, 2005
1.) the third game in the series Doom from Id Software.
2.) the greatest game ver created.
3.) one scary ass game.
I almost crapped my pants playing Doom 3 last night it was so scarey.
by jack August 04, 2004
A highly graphical and CPU intensive game, often used by hardware benchmarkers to give an idea of how the hardware performs.
I just spent $3000 (no joke) on building my new pc to play doom 3.
by DemonStudios June 03, 2005
ID Software's latest PC game, intoroducing ID's revolutionary new graphics engine. Held the title of "best graphics ever seen" until the release of Half Life 2, in which its graphics are just a tad bit better.

Doom 3 is basically a retelling of the original, horrifying story of Doom.

You need a REALLY powerful computer to run this game, so don't get it unless your PC can handle it. All in all, Doom 3 is one hell of a scary game.
The Gateway to Hell is open...
by anonymous January 07, 2005
Yet another example of developers satisfying their egoes at our expense.
Who cares for dynamic shadows and unified interaction of light and surface, if the player can't see a shit, basically.
by Jack September 30, 2004

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