slang for excrement; poop
He's got dooky in his booty. (hee hee hee)
by Joel Hamburger July 03, 2005
pl. dookies; heavy, solid link type gold jewelry worn by true pimps of yesteryear.
"Rope a dope dookies all around the neck! HOO AH! Yo garcon, the check!" - Beastie Boys
by rowper May 07, 2003
Dung, as describing one's face
by Itkin Flinhart November 28, 2003
Feeling uneasy and down with somekinda bowel movement.
when u feel lonely after that your partner left you.
by ray01 May 24, 2005
Detroit Q-ese for zero
while playing cribbage Q said "My crib has dooky"
by studdles January 14, 2005
The worst. something bad.
Rutgers is a dooky basketball team.
by Anonymous May 10, 2003
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