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A woman's breast. More commonly (mis)spelled dooku. Stems from a turn of the 20th century japanese slang for pillow.
A girl with big dookoos conned me into taking in her cat, but I never saw her pussy.

Mary has fine dookoos, but if she doesn't start wearing a bra they're going to hang down to her knees.

by jaketheflake September 07, 2006
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A word of many meanings.
Dookoo can be used as an insult, someone who's a right numpty/idiot/prat/wanker.
Dookoo can also mean woman's tits.
To get 'Dookoo'd' would mean to get pranked or perhaps scammed/ripped off.
To have 'Dookoo'd it' would mean to mess it up/fuck it up.
LOL I got a G in my English exam
LOL you're a right Dookoo

Woooow, those Dookoo's are immense!

Duuude. That Goatsevideo you sent me was just wrong!
Haha, you just got Dookoo'd!

And Torres is has an open goal.......oh and he's only Dookoo'd it. What a miss!
by Zazeeqo November 15, 2013

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