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A term used to describe or refer to the rectum or ass hole.
I think that guy is a faggot, he has sex in the dookie shoot.

If you are willing to let someone (usually of the opposite sex) penetrate you anally then your partner is hiting the dookie shoot.
by Foxxy Brown July 17, 2006
noun: 1. A term referring to the asshole. 2. The ass hole.
Do you take it up the Dookie Shoot?
by Mike's Wifey May 14, 2005
A womans behind when used in a sexual manner.
Hey,do you see that girl right there,she takes it in the dookie-shoot.
by Andy Joyner May 17, 2006
a mixed drink, patron (or everclear) and vodka with a dab of chocolate liquer!!!
Let me get that dookie shoot on the rocks.
by dirtydrinkerofstuff100 October 14, 2008
A woman who has been vaginally penetrated so often, she is only able to have sexual relations if they are through anal penetration.
"That woman on the corner of 5th street has been with so many men, she has become a Dookie Shoot."
by Brittany V. Young February 09, 2007

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