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Dookie Dick; Having a brown substance,especially poop,on the end of one's penis.
Man, I dont know what I did at the party last night after getting drunk,but I woke up with dookie dick this morning!
by Caline March 07, 2014
dookie dick is what happens to your dick when you have butt sex with a dirty butt.

Easily diagnosed by tell tale "dookie ring" around the tip of ones wang.

In some prisons considered to be a rite of passage in the corrections system.
"My boi Earl done got his dookie dick last night, been makin people smell it all morning."

Jethroe: You been plungin buns bro?
Earl: Yeah why?
Jethroe: I can smell your dookie dick from across the room...
by blooregardQkazoo March 06, 2014