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The most fly mother-fucker ever.
That guy could never compare to the Doogie.
by abchanti April 05, 2010
13 27
An endearing variation of the word dog. Usually used by the dogs owner to show appreciation for their dog. Instead of referring to the pet as a dog, the owner refers to their pet as a doogie.
My doogies are great!
by Maxbent August 05, 2006
22 39
That guy at the party that spends more time throwing up and breaking stuff then actually partying. Usually arrives with that one really annoying drunk kid. Sloppy, annoying, and gross, Doogie is a very hated individual.
"Oh god look at him that kids such a Doogie, he threw up all over everyone on the couch then knocked over the t.v and broke it...I hate that doogie.
by Cockstar3000 July 30, 2009
11 29
A hard, long, black poop. A variation of the commonly used word "dookie" that is the craze at my school.
"I did a doogie last night without realizing it, and when I looked in the toilet I was like FUCCKKK THAT THING LOOKS LIKE IT CAME OUT OF A SOFT SERVE MACHINE. ITS SO BIG IM 99% SURE IT HAS A PULSE..."

"thats nasty..."
by chillbeans March 07, 2010
22 42
Another word for Cigarette.
Dude, can I bum a doogie off ya?

Have you ever seen a doogie tree?
by Kuerno May 30, 2008
2 22
A really smart guy.
From thte show doogie howser.
by Timmmmmy December 03, 2007
7 27
slang term meaning amazing, yes, awesome, super cool, or mad tight. also can be used instead of the word SLAMMIN'. also known as a form of greeting and a handshake. if an expert you will know the term super doogie. it is an extreme handshake that only few can master.
that burger was so doogie.
doogie sammy. instead of SLAMMIN' sammy.
by tj-moss November 18, 2007
15 35
the space in between the vagina and the anus, that is usually bright red
rae's doogie really hurt after she leaked some major diarrhea
by Verol Ttub January 04, 2007
11 31