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obviously a childish word for penis, derived from the farsie language. as english we have the word 'pee pee' or 'shot gun handle' farsie has the child word for penis, which is doodool
my doodool sprung into action when i found out my g/f was looken to rub my magical crystal

person a: hey man whats up

person b: my doodool hes reached his super saign level

person c: do you now what time ride-on bus 61 should be here?
by Urban Dictionary April 15, 2005
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1. The small penis of a boy. 2. A grown man's sex organ when underdeveloped & hence of a tiny, boyish size.

Commonly used across the Iranianate world (esp. in Persian, Pashto, Kashmiri, Hindustani & Punjabi) & beyond. In fact, it is the source of the English word having the same meaning: "doodle", which came into wide usage in English only once regular contact with Iran developed after the 18th century AD.

Hence, in Persian one has: "doodool. The penis (of a child)" ('New Persian-English dictionary', Sulayman Hayyim, Teheran: Librairie-imprimerie Beroukhim, 1934-1936. vol.1, p.1077). Likewise, in Pashto one has: "duduagah, the penis" ( `A dictionary of the Pukhto, Pushto, or language of the Afghans', HG Raverty, London: Williams & Norgate, 1867, p.487). Sometimes abbreviated as "dool", "doodool tala" is a common name given by Aryan boys out of pride to their member, meaning "golden penis". In contrast, girls often tell "doodool jokes", making fun of the small size of boys' doodools, so as to embarass them, keep them in line & assert their authority.

Traditionally, midwives are known to see many doodools: "At my high school graduation party back in Iran, a handsome young divorcee ... approaches me & whispers, `... My mother was the midwife who delivered you. She said that when she washed you off, your tiny pink doo-dool rose like a rocket!'" - `Alethophobia.' Manoucher Parvin. Bethesda, Maryland: Ibex, 2007, p.66.
1. "I wonder when a guy is so focused about a woman's virginity, perhaps, he is a poor performer in bed, or suffers
from tiny dudul-syndrome?" - Iranian Virgin, Iranian Times, 6 Feb, 2008.

2. Doodool vs Lingam: Once Upon a Time during the glorious Timurid Caliphate, Shahzada Salim of the House of Timur came of age. But he wanted to marry only the purest Batul (virgin) in the entire Mughal Empire. So his father, Caliph Akbar, ordered the wise Navratans (Nine Jewels) of his court to find such an innocent bride. After a massive search they found Shahzadi Zeba to be the purest Muslimah in the realm. Locked in a Minar in a remote mountain valley by her father, the Sultan (Regent) of Kashmir, it was said she was so innocent she had never even seen a man. Delighted, Salim married her in an opulent wedding.
On the Shab-e-Aroosi (Wedding-Night), Salim went to her bed. Seeing her marvellous Fuddi (Coynte), his Zubb (Yard) stood upright & he doffed his pyjamas to finally deflower her.
Zeba (giggling): Verily, thou hast such a cute little Doodool (prickle)!
Salim: Oh Pure Batul! Doodool is the small toy of a Bacha (child). But this one (pointing at his organ) be a great
weapon, so, verily, 'tis a Linga, not a Doodool.
Zeba (measuring it with her palm): Uff (Fie) Salim! 'Tis just a typical Doodool - Chota (small) & Gora (fair) & only
6 unglees {4.5 inches} long! A Lingam is Maha (Big) & Kala (Black) & One Foot long - like a DRAVIDIAN one!
by Moollah_Do_Pyaza November 03, 2010
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