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Balls or testicles that have shit on them.
This can occur either from touching shit with one's hands and caressing their own balls, or from shitting while hanging upside down. Another way for doodoo balls to occur is from shitting your pants, and subsequently wearing your shit-stained underwear backwards.
by boy stinky May 19, 2009
when an afro american does not have enough hair to pull into a pony tail... but they try anyway and its a little poof ball on the top of their head with frizzy hair hangin out every where.
look at her doo-doo ball... ewww. (breezy)
by issach and alicia November 30, 2006
A hair style worn by many africans and african american females consisting of sectioned off twisted peices of hair that are formed into little round cone like figures
girl! look at her doo doo balls! they is fresh to def!!!
by Sheria May 21, 2008
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