1. In the field of green herbal cigarettes, a doobie is a big ‘fat one’ of the hand-rolled variety.

“Och-aye Jock, sort out that doobie will ya? I need some herbal relaxant if I’m going to sit through your Best of the Proclaimers album again.”

2. A terms used to affectionately refer to the Emirate of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, the term Doobie will often be used by former residents of Chelsea and Pimlico to refer to their new found home in the Gulf.

“I say Jemima, what about a round of drinks down at the yacht club before we waddle off down into Doobie for a few bottles of the old ‘falling down water’.”

3. Doobie – when used in its full form as “Doobie doobie doo” is the Frank Sinatra inspired line used by lounge performers to denote a freeform break in the music.

“Oh baby you are so fine, I wanna make you all mine, all mine, all of the time… Doobie doobie doo (repeat refrain…)
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by Adrian Bridgwater March 23, 2008
synonymous with joint. Popular in the 60's and early 70's.
You got a doobie? I'm all out.
by Bungalow Bill November 26, 2001
a wonderous smoking utensil in which happiness is acheived through the inhalation of a mysterious and mystical white cloud.
i took a toke of my "doobie" and got high.
by Winkus and Bumblephuck March 05, 2004
a fat joint, sometimes the size of a blunt but rolled in the same papers used for a joint
I'm not gonna just give you a joint, I'll give you a fuckin doobie
by nicole April 11, 2005
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