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it's a brownie filled with the gonga. you know what gonga is right?(weed)
i eat these 24 seven
by Joe Damagio March 23, 2003
3 22
1) A slang term referring to marijauna cigarette(s). 2)I'll have a coke! Source: Made popular by the Mystery Machine scene in the Kevin Smith comedy "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back".
You guys need to turn those frowns upside down, and I have just the thing. I call these, Doobie Snacks! (followed by hot lesbian sex)
by dezertdog January 29, 2003
68 8
an easy way of saying you need a joint,a bowl,some sticky, a just want to get high,plain and simple
Well i am on my break at work, 15 minutes for a doobie snack, breakfast of champions
by the ron July 22, 2004
45 10
the act or process in which one or more people smoke a doobie
Yo brotha, you wanna get in on a doobiesnack?
by nick stivala June 12, 2008
5 1
When you use a pre-made cake mix and add a little extra (some green) and then cook them.
Chins: I'v Just cooked up a batch of Doobie Snacks
Iwan: Sweet!
by M. Chinnery September 24, 2007
11 9
a joint
hey man i just smoked a nice doobie snack
by anonymous October 01, 2003
11 11
smoking a doobie in between classes
hey bud lets hit up a doobie snack
by shady character February 08, 2007
7 8