cloth or mesh that fit properly over the head and can be used for to enhance the appearance of "waves" on a persons head, keep braids un-nappy, or just to wear for style.
Guy 1:I'm wearing my doo-rag to get waves!

Guy 2: Dude, that looks like a head condom.
by Woobie May 29, 2005
I rag used to catch seminal fluid after a nice fapping
I about to bust a nut, mom can you get my doo rag out of the closet please.
by 2hander March 30, 2010
A head covering styled similar to a bandana with a tail that might be made of cloth or mesh or even leather; a distant cousin to the spandex skully.
"No way that 80-year-old guy is wearing an Antonio Ansaldi doo-rag!"
Something used to soak up "garbage" juice from various food items such as pizza or subs.
Man pass me those doo rags, this pizza is sloppy as hell.
Accompanied by eric singing the trademark song, "de doo rag rag rag, de doo rag rag"
by Keith is the man February 20, 2006
A piece of fabric made of spandex, which is used to wrap around the head.
by hale_horizon April 19, 2003
A bandanna, worn in such a way as to contain most of the hair.
Hey. Dude. Stop wearing that doo-rag. It makes you look like me. 'cause I'm wearing one, too.
by Jesseee May 22, 2006
a ridiculous looking peice of cloth that black people wear on their heads
yeah man hand me my ridiclous looking peice of cloth.. i mean my doo rag!
by yo mama biznatch January 09, 2005

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