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When walking or perhaps driving down the road you may happen to look to the left or to the right and see a very nice looking male/female. This is your FIRST reaction.
daaaamn girl did you see him?
#dayuum #oh my gosh #a gasp #a double look #will cause you to stop in your tracks
by doll478 February 24, 2006
a silk-like material worn around the head of black males (mainly) to ensure that their braids will last longer than 5 days. This material can also be seen worn (by males) at the mall, at school, the corner store, ect.
Baby, if I don't sleep with my doo rag on, you gon' have to re-braid my hair in a coupe dayz.
#stocking cap #night cap #scarf #bandana #ect.
by doll478 February 24, 2006
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