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Somewhat Popular rap song (from the early 90's?)

Also: term of endearment for one with the last name Brown.
Song is as follows: "Don't stop, pop that pussy, let me see that doo doo brown; I wanna rock I wanna rock I wanna rock; doodoo brown"
by Hepziba January 23, 2007
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Song by Frank Ski in Baltimore in the 80's. He was a DJ at V103.
They played Doo Doo Brown at The Chapter Three last night.
by girlioinco July 22, 2009
A shit-stain/streak left on the bottom of the toilet after dropping a particularly greasy dump. Doodoo browns is capable of lasting though several flushes, as it is the remnant residue of an unusually unhealthy, greasy, thus water resistant doodoo ball.
After a late night of eating fried eggs and chugging beers, Quentin began to feel a mighty rumbling in his lower intestine. He nearly unleashed a devastating assbomb on the bus ride to the house of his lady friend. Upon making it back he exploded a shit into the toilet the likes of which has never been witnessed and thus leaving a most epic doodoo browns in the female's toilet.

Sarah: You left a massive doodoo fucking browns on my shit!!
Quentin: FUCK!!!! WHYYY!!!!
by billfred mcadams November 11, 2011
A phrase that was used in a song by Uncle Luke. It is used in variuos strip clubs and dance clubs across the united states. It is commonly used after the phrase Pop That Pussy. Sometimes Negro's like Marcus and Micheal like to fuck with people by playing the song and then running up and dancing very oddly infront of people and disturbing their day. It is quite commical.
Hey um Jamar!? Yes, Ronald? Jamar can i see you pop your pussy and then let me see your doo doo brown and lick it?
by C 98 Ccrip Fo Life BK 615 FN 6 March 16, 2006
Really Crappy Brown Pot with mad seeds and stems.
My friend told me she'd get me some good shit but all she came back with was this Doo Doo Brown.
by Kim April 26, 2005
someone who tosses salad, licks anus.
Mac: "Yo, that lady you took home was a real freak, huh?"

Berry: "No doubt, she slurped my sack then went Doo Doo Brown! That shit tickles!"
by Haloed Griot March 31, 2005
One who clogs a toilet and instead of plunging it like a civilized human being proceeds to keep shitting in the clogged toilet for nearly a week. He then has to resort to hiring a mexican to scoop the week old shit out with his hands for $20.
"Damn Doo Doo Brown why don't you clean that shit up. This apartment smells like Sundips house."
by Monkey Lips April 08, 2003

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