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Donzo means done. Finished. Retired.
Obviously it came from the word done. Zo is just the way girls and guys add stuff to the end of a word. example: gonners? Same thing only zo.
Dude, Kevin and I are totally donzo.
Our relationship is donzo.
Dick Butkis is donzo.
by Liv Manning December 08, 2004
To be completely finished after a night of drinking or partying.
After 2 hours at the beirut table, Dohts was donzo.
by Hoyass July 23, 2005
often used with forshunzo, donzo meaning temporeraly disable or destoryed or just completly screwed
1st step of 2 in the process of donzo forshunzo
devin: its donzo
loyd: are you sure
devin: yeah sparky eat it but didnt tear it yet...
by Dcon and Lwai March 22, 2009
When someone does something to make u angry then u fight back and then there donzo. There finished,dead...
Bob hits John
John says: your donzo if u do that again!
Bob hits John again
John kicks the crap out of Bob.
by -Crack- December 11, 2005
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