To be completely finished after a night of drinking or partying.
After 2 hours at the beirut table, Dohts was donzo.
by Hoyass July 23, 2005
Top Definition
Donzo means done. Finished. Retired.
Obviously it came from the word done. Zo is just the way girls and guys add stuff to the end of a word. example: gonners? Same thing only zo.
Dude, Kevin and I are totally donzo.
Our relationship is donzo.
Dick Butkis is donzo.
by Liv Manning December 08, 2004
often used with forshunzo, donzo meaning temporeraly disable or destoryed or just completly screwed
1st step of 2 in the process of donzo forshunzo
devin: its donzo
loyd: are you sure
devin: yeah sparky eat it but didnt tear it yet...
by Dcon and Lwai March 22, 2009
When someone does something to make u angry then u fight back and then there donzo. There finished,dead...
Bob hits John
John says: your donzo if u do that again!
Bob hits John again
John kicks the crap out of Bob.
by -Crack- December 11, 2005
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