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a game which was established in the summer of 2008 on the shores of island pond. in donnellball there are two teams, the first team can have as many players as needed to make the game entertaining while the second team only has one player, preferably with the name Donnell. the rules of donnellball are as followed:

1. the first team must peg the second team with a nerf football
2. the boss must not catch the first team pegging the second has to look like a game of catch.
3. when the second team gets the football but refuses to throw it at themselves, the first team must shout at them and then somehow regain possession of the football
4. donnellball can only be played for 3 and a half weeks in maine during the months of june/july
Most Amazing game on the planet: Donnellball
by donnellball February 21, 2009
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