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penis of above average size, that is used as tool to awake sleeping/passed out male friends and in some cases family members. A donkus is usually known all too well by the group of friends that it is associated with. Despite it's bad reputation and over-exposure it is an important part of the group dynamic and always "up" for a good laugh.
"Dude the Donkus woke up P-Dizzle again, I think P-Dizzle is starting to like it."
#huge cock #fag stick #a.m. monster #donkey dick #donkis
by Muff Dawg May 03, 2006
A simple minded meathead. Similar in stature to the lummox, but not without positive qualities. Often kept in a group for the hi-jinx that his nature naturally brings about.
Meshes well with the dingus.
"Hey Duder, is Bartholomew a retardo or what?"

"Nah, bruh, that donkus is the balls! I didnt know what giggles were til he came thru"

"Skittles. Wanna grab a fish taco?"

"Nah, but i bet you a foreskin that donkus grabs Darlas taco before we tuck in."

"Don't degrade women, Jessup."
by SkillMarson February 29, 2016
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