Top Definition
an asshole
fuck off you donkey raping shit eater
-Eric cartman, southpark
by turd December 11, 2003
One that rapes donkeys and eats shit. Both acts need not be prefromed at the same time, or even be preformed at all. Commonly used to insult people when a lack of tact is required.
First example as used in SouthPark:The Mov ie. By Eric Cartman.

Second Example
One that is known as Simon.
by JabberWalkie April 15, 2005
someone who feasts on excrement whilst fornicating with equine animals
kiss my ass, you donkey raping shit-eater
by roger mellie June 27, 2003
Raper of donkeys and eater of shit.
"Listen Terrance, you donkey raping shit eater!"
by Fuck Face Indian September 12, 2003
One who cornholes asses and feasts upon excrement
Pee-Wee Herman, AKA: Paul Reubens
by Art Vandelay November 13, 2003
someone who uses big words online to sound smart
where have i seen that before
by as is June 28, 2003
Trevor Wicks and/or Shannon Zimmerman
Justin is a trevor wicks.
by Maggie April 15, 2005

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