1st appeared in the year 2000. Is used to avoid dirty/confused looks after expressing ones opinion.

objectionars rarely intervenes once this quote is uttered, in fear of offending you.
C - argh just end it
A - ??
C - *raises finger in air* don't judge me! ...
K - waa
by foug January 17, 2005
Top Definition
What I usually have to say when I get drunk in the middle of the day and watch Blues Clues.
Roommate: "What the..?"
Me: "Don't judge me!"
by Swallowcarryingacoconut April 30, 2006
Possibly the most obnoxious thing you could say when someone is trying to figure out what kind of person you are or sneers at you.
No matter what, people are going to judge you; because you dress in all black and like death or because you watch Star Trek and go to Sakura Con - DEAL WITH IT.

It's the worst when it's on your MySpace profiles.

Actually, no, it's worse when they say "you have no right to judge me." Because everyone has a right to their own thoughts, so stop being self-absorbed and obsessed with pretending not caring about your so-called "haters," people who don't like you, not because they're jealous, but maybe because you may not a likable person, maybe?
Boy's MySpace About Me:
I hate my life and I wear a lot of black makeup BUT DON'T JUDGE ME I'M A HUMAN BEING!
by IAreGirl September 11, 2009

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