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slang term for "don't worry about it" or "no worries"
"I got you're back, man.. don't even trip."
by Kita November 29, 2003
28 9
It's all good. Don't worry bout it
Tyvon left you? Don't even trip
by Giddy November 30, 2003
38 13
don't worry about it- it ain't worth it
Hey man don't even trip, that hoe was askin to get knocked up.
by Jess December 01, 2003
33 12
Don't Even Trip - Not concerning yourself with an issue , especially when you did everything to could to keep it real with a person.

When you come to the point when you're through putting up with someone's BS, and just telling them what's really what.
P.C. told AD, "Don't even trip about your ex, I got your back."
by Sir Rey October 15, 2007
14 2
"to not stress/get angry or get hyped about something"
"girl dont even trip about that boy, he aint worth yo time"
by eastindiangurl November 26, 2003
13 2
as in don't worry about it
cuz fliped on me, i told ol' boy don't even trip
by Dolla November 30, 2003
9 2
An expression used to suggest a person not to get angry.
Man Don't even trip, She only cheated on you because she's like that.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
10 3