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14 definitions by Giddy

1. Too eager to get something (especially play)
2. Desperate
(Boy running up) "Ay gurl whasup? Look, you lookin real nice, can I get that young number?"

(Girl under breath) "Thirsty"
by Giddy December 03, 2003
Also spelled yezzir. No doubt
We goin to the club?
by Giddy April 24, 2005
None of ya muthaf*ckin business
Gurl, what was you doin with Brandon last night?
by Giddy April 24, 2005
Desperate person who wants another persons identity so does a pathetic impersonation lame
Get yo big I wanna be Mike face....
by Giddy November 30, 2003
Outside of your normal boundaries
Boy 1: "Which came first the chicken or the egg?"
Boy 2: "Boi, what the.."
Boy 1: "My fault I'm tweakin"
by Giddy April 24, 2005
Southside of a given city commonly used in Chicago...
Where you from shawty?
Southside fa sho
by Giddy April 24, 2005
A soulful, talented brotha representin Chi-town music produced by Kanye West
John Legend's hit ordinary people is well known
by Giddy April 24, 2005