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"to not stress/get angry or get hyped about something"
"girl dont even trip about that boy, he aint worth yo time"
by eastindiangurl November 26, 2003
13 2
It's all good. Don't worry bout it
Tyvon left you? Don't even trip
by Giddy November 30, 2003
38 13
don't worry about it- it ain't worth it
Hey man don't even trip, that hoe was askin to get knocked up.
by Jess December 01, 2003
33 12
slang term for "don't worry about it" or "no worries"
"I got you're back, man.. don't even trip."
by Kita November 29, 2003
28 9
Don't Even Trip - Not concerning yourself with an issue , especially when you did everything to could to keep it real with a person.

When you come to the point when you're through putting up with someone's BS, and just telling them what's really what.
P.C. told AD, "Don't even trip about your ex, I got your back."
by Sir Rey October 15, 2007
14 2
as in don't worry about it
cuz fliped on me, i told ol' boy don't even trip
by Dolla November 30, 2003
9 2
An expression used to suggest a person not to get angry.
Man Don't even trip, She only cheated on you because she's like that.
by KoVaH November 27, 2003
10 3