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A hot dude with a big dick!
Wow that guys cock is huge, must be a domenick!
by therealistgirlyouknow September 20, 2009
A good friend, awsome guy, makes everyone laugh, and everyone likes him.
Friend: You wanna go to the mall?

Friend: Sure, I'll be there.

Friend: Just make sure you invite Domenick he's hilariouse!!
by favoriteperson21 September 19, 2009
A guy with a HUGE dick!
That guy is such a Domenick!
by liltruthteller September 20, 2009
A guy who has a lot of girlfriends,though keeps most of his relationships private.
People: You kno she goes out with him?

You: Oh, that's Domenick they been dating for a month now.
by spiritualtrendsetter September 20, 2009
Not gay.
Domenick: Yo!

Group of people: Who was that?

You: That was Domenick and no, hes not gay.
by bririot June 22, 2009