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A famous country singer with breasts too large to even be considered real. A prime example of what teenagers call "fake people"
Stupid young person #1: "Look at Dolly Parton smile!! Isn't she just the most beautiful person you've ever seen?"
Stupid young person #2: "... Everytime?!?"
by the awful truth July 10, 2008
As a refference to the song workin 9-5, you line up 9 shots of tequilla and 5 shots of jack daniels and drink it all in under 2 minutes.
Jimmy: Bro last night i did a dolly parton bro...9 tequillas and 5 JD.

Tony: How was it?

Jimmy: Dude i passed out in my civic. But bro my civic she boots!!
by JorgeSanchez April 14, 2008
Golfing lingo. Refers to a putt on a hilly green.
I lost ten bucks when Carl sank that impossible dolly parton on the fifteenth green.
by Big Jeff January 06, 2006