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A large mass usually regarded as a shit sack.It is often a brick-like bruiser intended to body slam anyone dumb enough to reject the beast. Also known as Dolevov Safranov Nissyanov Dolevov, Dolev is brethren to all ye worthy of his/its fatass ferocity. Resides in Texas.
a dolev of shit stuck on the rim of the toilet bowl.
by kalmizzzle February 08, 2010
The translation from the Old Testament in Ancient "Rashi" Hebrew is a Man of might, that uses his resources correctly and grows big & strong, typically rich and Jewish.His wrath should be feared & is usually very friendly.
*At American Football Practice*
Coach:" I want you Guys to be as strong as "Dolev", is that understood?!"
Team:"Sir Yes Sir!"
by Your Homosexual hobo March 15, 2011
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