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Popular and traditional British game, doing the dog, (mostly played in the Wessex counties) whereby 2 players depart a pub and walk home in opposite directions. At regular intervals of 30 to 60 seconds player one will shout "Can you hear me now?" followed by an impression of a dog, wolf or other member of the canine family. Player 2 responds to his call with "YES, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!?" followed by his dog impression. The game continues until a) There is such a distance between players that they can no longer "hear me now", or b) one or both players are arrested.
Rosier to Holeman: "That was a good night see you later"
Holeman to Rosier: "Can you hear me now? AWRAHWRAHWRAHWRAH"
(They depart)
Rosier to Holeman: *I see Holeman has started a game of doing the dog* "YES, CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW? AWRAHWRAHWRAH"
...and so on
by Roono April 20, 2006
To goof off, slack off, fart around, and just be a lazy no good slug. Also known as Pounding the Pooch. Or in some cases, actually having sex with a dog.
"Look at that guy just sitting on his ass doing the dog. He must be saving his energy for his date with Fido."
by PeeBee February 12, 2004