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Looking at breasts, belonging to a female.
1) Oh did you hear about Bob?
2) No, what about him?
1) He was doing an Adam on Katie.
by Dave Barnes March 21, 2006
14 51
Doing an Adam (alternatively, "going for an Adam") refers to the act of doing a topless shit.

A topless shit is only "an Adam" if you took your clothes off before going for a shit. If you were already topless beforehand, it does not count. You must also be fully topless: no vests or bras.

Doing a naked shit is sometimes called a "full Adam", although a topless shit is never called a "half Adam".

The main advantage of doing an Adam is that when you are straining on the toilet, your shirt will not get sweaty from your exertions.
Joe: Dude, where's your shirt?

Matt: Oh, I left it in the toilet.

Joe: Why did you take it off?

Matt: I was doing an Adam.

Joe: Ah, of course.
by SellyOakRam August 19, 2011
58 15
Doing an Adam is doing something extremely stupid. It started after my friend Adam got his foot stuck in a football net and tried to run, but failed and face planted into the floor. And once he tried to save a goal but he threw himself into the net by accident. Or that time that he fell over some ice and face planted into someone's shoe. Or, or. 'Nuff said.
Guy 1: Man, is he asking out that chick?
Guy 2: Yeah, he's doing an Adam.
Guy 1: ...
by Chicken_licken23 December 21, 2010
6 50
Doing an Adam, to make a really bad excuse up for a lie that had no plot.
1) I've got £15k in my bank
2) Cool, can I have a look at your bank statement?
1) No ... I folded it into a paper aeroplane and it flew to africa and now I don't know where it is
2) Dude, you're doing an adam
by Jme Saunders June 15, 2011
3 50