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The act of completly dominating in a game or activity, mainly beer pong
wow you guys are destroying thats your third consecutive cup.
yeah we're doin work

damn you shut us out. we didn't get a single cup.
yeah we were doin work
by penchief56 May 03, 2008
Flirting with a girl; bonding with a biddie you plan to mack; "Getting places" with a girl.
Guy #1: Where's Dave?

Guy #2: He's hanging out with Ashley.

Guy #1: Dave's doin' work.

Example #2-

Dave: Just got home from hanging with Ashley. I'm doin' some serious work...
by Supermanmaninthebox February 12, 2011
the act of consuming alcoholic beverages or getting drunk.
Megan: What are you doing tonight?
Kevin: I'm doin' work.
Megan: Do you have a lot of work to do?
Kevin: Yes, I'm workin' overtime.
by ilovemadtown December 26, 2009
the art of getting really really stoned.
Friend: what you up to dude?
Me: just doin work with the roor.
Friend: nice
Me: damn straight
by drunk-r-sumthin December 17, 2010
anything that involves work boots.
Guy 1: Dood, i just did work!
Guy 2: All you did was pour some Dr. Pepper.
Guy 1: But, I was wearin my work boots. Therefore I was doin work
by Stephen7875 June 22, 2010
When someone masterbates at there work place.
Man, I was so bored today at my job I took 15 and straight up started doin work in the cleaning closet.
by Kansas City Shuffle January 28, 2009