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The term doig came from a small town in W.A. It was originaly a cigarette but it has progressed into a word of great beauty that can be used in every day language. Evolution process:
-Go for a doig
-Doiging it up
-You're a Doig
-Doig fish salad!
"You a doig?"
"Small doig"
"Doig fish salad"
"Doig breath"
"You've got poo in your mouth"
A word that has no meaning, and therefore can be used in any context/as a substitute for anything to inject humour into an otherwise tedious situation. Derived from the legendary name of a certain teacher of music... Mr. Doig, who's whereabouts to this day are unknown, but his spirit lives on in us all!
"Have a very Doig day sir."

"The good, the bad and the Doigly!"

"Dude, pass me the Doiging ketchup please."

"Doig's hut stinks of piss-flaps and cheese!"
by H8T94 November 30, 2011
Ghetto, or shitty part of town:
"Gonna go for some beers down the doig tonight"
"Lock your shit man, we're in the DOIG"
"Gonna go tag some doig biatches"
"Gotta go to the doctor, I got me a case of Doig Dong"
by CamV March 27, 2007
A woman who likes really hard fast sex.
She was going like a doig last night.
by KL June 27, 2003
1. To insult or disrespect someone.

2. A comment/observation made by a third party who witnessed someone being insulted or disrespected.
"Oh, you got doiged!"


"I doiged you!"
by Mike G. Brown May 30, 2008