A woman who likes really hard fast sex.
She was going like a doig last night.
by KL June 27, 2003
Top Definition
A word that has no meaning, and therefore can be used in any context/as a substitute for anything to inject humour into an otherwise tedious situation. Derived from the legendary name of a certain teacher of music... Mr. Doig, who's whereabouts to this day are unknown, but his spirit lives on in us all!
"Have a very Doig day sir."

"The good, the bad and the Doigly!"

"Dude, pass me the Doiging ketchup please."

"Doig's hut stinks of piss-flaps and cheese!"
by H8T94 November 30, 2011
The term doig came from a small town in W.A. It was originaly a cigarette but it has progressed into a word of great beauty that can be used in every day language. Evolution process:
-Go for a doig
-Doiging it up
-You're a Doig
-Doig fish salad!
"You a doig?"
"Small doig"
"Doig fish salad"
"Doig breath"
"You've got poo in your mouth"
The act of putting ones penis in an anus whilst the anus exretes faeces
I've got corn in my dick, from doiging my misses last night.
by Spud1 October 25, 2014
Ghetto, or shitty part of town:
"Gonna go for some beers down the doig tonight"
"Lock your shit man, we're in the DOIG"
"Gonna go tag some doig biatches"
"Gotta go to the doctor, I got me a case of Doig Dong"
by CamV March 27, 2007
1. To insult or disrespect someone.

2. A comment/observation made by a third party who witnessed someone being insulted or disrespected.
"Oh, you got doiged!"


"I doiged you!"
by Mike G. Brown May 30, 2008
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