The persistence of a dog combined with the cheekiness of a monkey.
That western gentleman is dogmonkeying those ladies hardcore
by graveson October 23, 2008
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A male who is well versed in the art of sleezing. Must satisfy stringent criteria: namely - 6ft tall (at least), loves drinking, smoking, calls chicks 'seabiscuits', drives at night with his lights off etc...

vb. - to dogmonkey

sleezing on a seabiscuit
Dan: " Gal, hold my drink, I'm going to dogmonkey that broad."
Gal: " Fresh. I'll be at the bar - Nick's just got a pack of lucky strikes in..."

Nick: " Steve, is Mario a dogmonkey"
Steve: " Pfft, he's only 5 ft 9..."
by Mike587 December 20, 2007
Half-breed creature, Half Churchills nodding dog with the head ripped out, half stuffed monkey with a gibralta cap on
Man! the dogmonkey rules.. i het his original head got turned into a pirate and ran over my a car
by ShavenLunatic October 29, 2003

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