1. When someone is an ass and really pisses you off, you put them in the dog house.

2. You hurt my feelings, screw you.

3. When a man forgets his anniversary, his wife can put him in the dog house.
Buddy was taking advantage of my hospitality so he's in the dog house.
by Jamie Savard January 09, 2004
Top Definition
Where you are figuratively when you're on bad terms with your girlfriend or wife.
Freddy knew that if he wanted to get out of the doghouse with his bitch he'd better start wearing her thighs for earmuffs.
by Nick D April 01, 2004
What do you do with a bad dog? You make them sleep outside in the small, cold, doghouse.

Putting someone in the "doghouse" is to shame, humiliate, and cut them off from everything and everyone else. The same way a dog is cut off from everything when they're forced outside, and have nowhere left to sleep but their dog house.
Yes I lied! It was a sin, I've committed many sins! Have I displeased you, you feckless thug?! 3.8 million new jobs. That wasn't good? Bail out Mexico?! Increase foreign trade?! Thirty million acres of new land for conservation! Put Mendoza on the bench! Raised three children!!

That's not enough to buy me out of the doghouse?!
by SwampFox56 November 02, 2015
A small box round the back, commonly used by workmen.

Also known as 'the tradesmens entrance'
Yea Sheila LOVE'S it in the doghouse, shes not so keen on muddy paws all over her fresly washed (front door) rug.
by James H Dalglish December 09, 2012
Verb. The insertion of objects or substances (usually contraband) into one's anus for the purpose of 1. Smuggling items, or 2. Clandestine absorption of narcotics through the lining of the anal cavity. Extremely useful for the habitually incarcerated or the closet drug abuser.
Ann- "Those molly are finally kicking in."
Dan- "I haven't seen you off that barstool for an hour. How you getting beans?"
Ann- "I doghoused them before we left." (wink)

Dan- (massive engorged erection) "Where am I gonna bury this stiff?"
Ann- (ghetto pregnant) "You gonna have to doghouse that bone ya'll, but grab that lube first."
by philoramarobot October 30, 2013
The loud and dedicated fan base of the Northeastern University Huskies, particularly, but not limited to Men's hockey. Never deterred by fickle seasons, the Doghouse faithful are dedicated to cheering on the Husky team, while keeping cheers clean and classy, a rarity in Hockey East, and college hockey in general. The Doghouse has grown to take over the upper bowl of their home, historic Matthews Arena. They also tend to be the loudest and most cohesive group of fans at the annual Beanpot, and bring large groups of fans to all away games.
After a brash crosscheck, the Doghouse chanted 'Get off the ice!" until BU's Yip exited the ice with his head hung low.
by Huskies101 March 24, 2009
The condition of emasculation occurring when there is or are opportunities to achieve a level of manliness but the correct choice is rejected for a feminine activity. The offending bro is immediately placed in the doghouse when willingly participating in such activities as:

hanging out with girlfriend's friends

not drinking a ton

spending more than ten minutes to get ready for anything, including weddings

becoming a male BFF to a female

being a vegetarian

truly caring for other people

Tom: "I'm going to hang out with my girlfriend and her parents. We're going to the mall. I'm excited."

Bill: "Doghouse." (walks away, shaking head)
by DMX mugshot April 23, 2011
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